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July 5, 2017
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Do you just make the sale and move on or is it better to develop a relationship ?

You have a client when you develop a relationship. A client

  1. Seeks advice : A client will seek the advisors help in deciding the coverage of the policy and will go by his advice
  1. Respects time : A client will always respect the time of the advisor and will always have his documents etc. ready for you when you visit him. Further a client will not make undue demands of the advisors time.
  1. Responds promptly : A Client will freely share information with the advisor even if it is confidential by nature. A client trusts the advisor to maintain the confidentiality .
  1. Take quotes from others but will seek your advice. He will not take any decision before he consults you on the pros and cons of the lower quote.
  1. Does not expect you to personally take care of his account. A client will be ok to interact with your support staff. He will choose to speak if he feels on very important & urgent matters.
  1. Values your opinion and will go by your advice when confronted with conflicting opinions of others.
  1. Pays bills on time. A client will ensure that any payments due with regards to his Premiums etc. reach you on time without any need for follow up
  1. Sends you referrals. A client will undoubtedly send you referrals on a regular basis and also be willing to speak about the quality of your services to his associates and friends.
  1. Ready to pay a fee. Clients value your services and advice and so are ready to pay you a consultancy fee for the work that you do for them.

My clients still give business to my office in spite of me withdrawing from selling  12 years back based on the goodwill created by me and the good after sales service provided by my office.

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