Only company in India with an all-round experience and exposure as LDEA

The founder chairman of LDEA has been through all cycles of sales hierarchy from being an agent with public sector LIC to a branch head & Senior Manager in a Private life insurance company to being a trainer and a Coach.

Motivational training

Most training is focused on Motivation which is like an external drug to boost up a person externally but LDEA works on mindset realignment and Performance Management with monitoring which works from the inside of a person. This methodology is not available with any training company.

Innovative Concepts

LDEA has got three copyrighted Concepts which are very innovative and help agent advisors to smoothen the sales process.

Training from Grass Root Level

LDEA has worked 15 years at the grass root level with more than 5000 individual agent advisors on an almost one on one basis and trained them to be MDRT irrespective of their level and their background.

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