• A magical training program which helps you to be different from others,  Create a competitive edge and brand. Helps you sell life insurances Using a very scientific way. This concept of 7 Levels To Financial Freedom Helps to get Quick Appointments, create Impression at the 1st meeting, make it easy for prospects to give all financial Which otherwise would take 6-7 hours  
    - Arvind Hirlekar CFP
    Corporate CLUB member
  • A great value added program. Lazarus explains even sophisticated concepts in such A simplified fashion that even on ordinary agent can grasp, understand and implement The same. I have completed my CFP but the comprehensive financial planning that I did for my customer Actually scared them off and created a big disconnects. 7 Levels to Finance Freedom program Has made my job easy as I can present planning in various stages based on the comfort level of my customers And also go back again and again for covering the next level. The software takes the strain away from preparing Exhaustive reports. 
    - Jayesh Khona
  • The “7 Levels To Financial Freedom” is a superb concept and work very well with generally all investors and especially with HNI investors. Interestingly prospects who initially say they are well planned at times get shocked after seeing the gap analysis, I was able to close a 18 lakh premium (3.75C SA) n just 20-25 minutes by sharing the gap analysis with client. The Software is amazing and helps create analysis and solution in 15-20 minutes.
    - Milind Sarwate
  • A fabulous, exciting and fantastic concept. A well designed program. The workshop in the program is very effective as it gives a “hands on” approach to all calculations used to calculate various gaps in the 7 Levels to Financial Freedom. I enjoyed every session of the program. HIN prospecting, pre approach and closing are defined in a simple process that will give sure shot visa to COT & TOT
    -Rakesh Mehta
  • I always thought that the fees of the program was too much and was resisting doing the program. At the end of the second day I felt I had got full value for the fees that I paid. The next two days happened to be mind blowing. The returns on investment for this program seem to be unbelievable. I now have a clear path to do my TOT very confidently this year itself.
    -Anil Tari
    Corporate Club Member