Family Welfare Economics (Book)

Do you want to know how to sell insurance without talking about it ?
Do you want to sell big ticket Policies ?
Do you want to get references easily ?
Do you want to sell again and again ?

The concept of Family Welfare Economics as explained in this book offers a concept which creates a picture in the minds of the prospect as well as helps him understand a process for creating a financial future for himself. It presents this concept, its context, its process and its benefits in this book. Lazarus has walked the path and achieved tremendous milestones of success in his career and in the career of thousands of agents / advisors whom he has trained. Their experience and learning’s are invaluable. This book is an attempt to share his personal experiences and that of other successful Advisors who followed the path as enumerated in this book that he picked up in his journey of nearly three decades.

Price: Rs 250/-
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Objection Overruled (Book)

To understand how to handle Objections by telling stories read this book.

Why do objections arise? Generally Objections are an expression of fear of buying the wrong product, fear of taking the right decision. It is basically fear of making a commitment. Where does the fear come from? The fear comes from the prospect's past experience. The objection handling stage is a very important stage in supporting the decision to buy.

The best way to get individuals on your side is paint a picture or tell a story.. They say objections are good for sales but for that they need to be true objections.

The client's need for Life Insurance is buried under a priority of wants that everyday life throws up. A good life Insurance Sales person recreates or rekindles the basic need of Life Insurance in the mind of the client.

Prevention is better than cure. Preventing frivolous objections should be the first aim of every life insurance Advisor. For that you should be able to paint a picture which the client sees the same way as you do. You should be able to tell a story in which the client sees a role for himself. This book is an attempt at overruling objections by first trying to cut them in their bud and taking them head-on if they still get thrown at you.

Price: English Rs 400/-, Hindi Rs 250/-

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Funding Responsibilities (Book)

Why this book?

All concepts will not work for every type of prospect and therefore we have to talk differently with each prospect. We need to take into consideration the psychology of the prospects based on his Income and his education. The Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs is the simple model of how different people are motivated by very different things.

Today the challenge for an advisor for selling and a manager for recruiting an advisor is that most people get put off by the very word of insurance due to the negative experiences associated with Insurance. Therefore Lazarus thought that it would be necessary to create an innovative sales and Recruitment approach where we avoid using any of the insurance Lingo and steer clear of it.

Funding Responsibilities process has been very successful in creating an innovative and passionate sales and also a recruitment approach without using any insurance language. It is touches the basic thing about which everybody knows – that they have Responsibilities which they need to discharge. Also it is a fact that nobody ever thinks about having a written Plan to fund those responsibilities.

This book makes buying life insurance and recruiting advisors very easy as customers will not even know that they are getting into insurance till the time they give you the cheque. A cleverly designed powerful sales process where you make the customer write down things to make him aware of his duties head on.

Price: Rs 250/-
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LDEA Success System (Book)

Why this Book

The secrets of Success is that there are NO SECRETS, there are only ……….
Do you want success in spurts or do you want success consistently? There have been loads and loads of books written on success. This book is not going to be one of the normal books about success. Though these principles will apply to any field of work in which one is engaged in but they will be very specific to the Insurance Industry and also very specific to freelance Insurance advisors.

This book will give you to an overall perspective of success in Life Insurance Sales. Lazarus will be talking about 12 different requirements and 10 powerful Habits to be consistently successful.

The principles that Lazarus is going to talk about are those that may not give immediate success but definitely these principles will help you to be successful consistently over a long period of time.

Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect - Ralph Waldo Emerson Success is a culmination of a well thought out process. We believe in cause and effect and there is no place for luck. Everyone wants success but no one wants the pains. I can assure you that though the journey to success will be arduous and painful, the fruits of this labor will be very sweet.

Price: Rs 250/-
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FWE Presentation (CD)

Family Welfare Economics Presentation For Customer meetings
Basic CD

Presentation for Annual Income below 3 Lakhs
Excel auto calculator for need analysis based on Family Welfare Economics

Price: Rs 1200/-
Advance CD

a) Presentation for Annual Income between 4 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs
b) Presentation for Annual Income above 10 Lakhs
c) Advance Excel auto calculator for need analysis based on Family Welfare Economics

Price: Rs 3000/-

Maango Wohi Milega (DVD)

You can get whatever you want in your life if you ask for it. A 30 minute documentary short film directed by Anand Krishnan showcasing the life of Lazarus Dias from Rags to Riches with a theme song based on the title. A very inspiring story for the young old and children alike. Lazarus Dias shares the secret of his success in this film.

Price: Rs 325/-
Cover Edited

Customer Loyalty Ladder (DVD)

What happens when you qualify a suspect into a prospect, then approach him and make a sale to him to make him your customer and then try to sell him a 2nd time and make him your client ? Is that the end of the ladder. Lazarus dias in this video takes you through an approach to help you help your customer to climb 7 steps on the Loyalty ladder from client to referee to a supporter to an advocate to a marketer. What do you need to do to achieve lifelong commitment and loyalty from your customers in this age of changing loyalties?.

Price: Rs 500/-